Exploring the Traditional Mountain Villages of Kazaviti on the Island of Thassos

The island boasts numerous mountain settlements, which were built atop the hills in the past to prevent raids by pirates. The villages are typically situated on the mountain slopes and are surrounded by pine trees, providing visitors with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

If one wishes to explore the traditional and stunning mountain settlements, Kazaviti is an absolute must-see. To reach Kazaviti, you must first traverse the town of Prinos and continue up the winding paved road. At the end of a narrow valley, nestled into the hills, you will encounter the first village, Mikro Kazaviti, which is named after the Latin words casa and vitus, which mean “house” and “wine,” respectively.

The village’s beautiful brick houses, perched on the hillside, slowly emerge through the dense greenery created by the many cypress, holly, and natural mastic trees. The village also has elegant restaurants serving both local traditional delicacies and contemporary accommodations, providing high-quality hospitality in harmony with the idyllic environment.

Megalo Kazaviti, the second and larger village, is just a half-kilometer walk from Mikro Kazaviti. The village square is dominated by an ancient plane tree, which provides shade and coolness in the summer months. The village’s two traditional tavernas serve delicious meats and homemade recipes, complimented with the very best red wine locally-made in Thassos.

Both villages offer visitors easy access to the natural environment as dense forest surrounds the perimeter of the settlements. Local naturalist clubs have organised tours and walks along the numerous trails that lead to the surrounding forests, allowing every visitor to come into direct contact with the local flora and fauna and the unspoiled natural environment.

The villages present music, theatre, and dance events during the summer months, and visitors have the opportunity to join in on an authentic folk festival on the 10th of February and during Easter, where they can partake in religious celebrations at the picturesque chapel.

Visiting Kazaviti during a holiday on Thassos is a truly remarkable experience, akin to eating the icing on the cake.

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