Discovering the Enchanting Village of Kinira: A Tranquil and Relaxing Greek Coastal Destination

Kinira, an alluring hamlet on the stunning eastern shore of the island, is known to captivate the hearts of its sojourners. People who visit this locale yearn to return time and time again due to its serenity, making it one of the most peaceful regions of Thassos with an abundance of natural beauty.

On the opposite side of this tranquil coastal resort lies the island of Kinira, or the “Kiniriotiko,” a diminutive, offshore island cloaked in pine trees and boasting its own small, rocky beaches, enhancing its unique appeal. Although it is quite challenging to access, the surrounding waters offer local fishermen one of the most abundant fishing grounds in the area. The residence of the original owner is still visible there. Kinira boasts a rich history that dates back to the Phoenicians. Kinira and Ainira, presently Palaiochori, were the epicenter of mining in this area. Nowadays, it is also known locally as Loutra (the bath).

In the village, all the amenities necessary for a perfect holiday are available. Restaurants, tavernas, pizzerias, and a supermarket are all present, and the amiable locals will warmly welcome visitors to their area. Most visitors who come to Kinira are those seeking a traditional Greek ambiance, to relish the simple life, and the free-spirited hospitality.

Kinira flaunts two lengthy beaches that stretch along the entire village, one adorned with mostly smooth white pebbles and sand, and the other entirely sand, separated by a quaint and picturesque cape. If one indulges in swimming and sunbathing here, they will most certainly unwind and revel in the natural beauty surrounding the gently curving beaches, the olive trees, and the pine trees that adorn the deep grey/green mountains surrounding the region, leaving the beholder awestruck.

Since massive crowds do not congregate here, there is always plenty of space on the beaches. The waters surrounding Thassos are sparkling and clean, as always. For those who don’t mind driving a little further, a few kilometers away, they will discover the fabulous and sandy Paradise Beach, a name that truly befits this location.

According to ancient history chronicled by Herodotus, the Phoenicians exported timber and gold from this area of the island, starting around the end of the 16th century BC until the Parian Greeks arrived and colonized the island.

In this location, one can still view the ruins of baths from the Byzantine era, and the remains of a significant Christian king’s tomb (Basilica) were unearthed here. During one of the darkest periods in history, pirates slaughtered many Christians in an area of this village called “the slaughter.” Like all areas of the island, Kinira has experienced good and bad times throughout its history, but it remains an enchanting place to visit, ensuring visitors a warm welcome and a tranquil and relaxing experience while exploring this magnificent Greek coastal village.

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