marble beach wedding in thassos

Marble Beach Wedding in Thassos: A Dreamy Greek Escape.

Have you ever imagined a wedding on the pure white pebbles of Marble Beach? This spot meets the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Thassos is known as the “Emerald of the Aegean” for its perfect scenery and romantic feel. It’s a top choice for a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. It has luscious landscapes, a touch of Greek tradition, and high-end services. Imagine the happiness of saying your vows here! You’d be surrounded by stunning views and Greek kindness.

Key Takeaways

  • Thassos is a stunning island in the Aegean Sea, perfect for a dreamy wedding ceremony.
  • Marble Beach stands out with its glistening white pebbles and crystal-clear waters.
  • A perfect blend of Greek tradition and luxury experiences awaits in Thassos.
  • The island offers lush greenery, charming traditional villages, and warm hospitality.
  • Thassos promises a picturesque and memorable escape for couples and their guests.

Why Choose a Marble Beach Wedding in Thassos?

Imagine a wedding that’s both special and stunning. A luxury marble beach wedding in Thassos could be perfect. Let’s look at why.

Breathtaking Scenery

Marble Beach in Thassos is a beautiful spot for weddings. The white pebbles and blue sea look amazing together. Your wedding photos will be truly stunning here.

Unique Venue Appeal

A luxury marble beach wedding in Thassos looks different. It mixes elegance with nature’s beauty perfectly. The white pebbles also feel lovely underfoot, adding something extra special.

Privacy and Exclusivity

The Thassos marble beach venue is very private. You can say ‘I do’ without lots of other people around. It’s just you and your close ones, making your day very intimate and special.

Top Thassos Wedding Locations

Thassos Island is perfect for weddings. It has many beautiful places. That’s why many people think it’s great for best Thassos wedding locations.

Famous Beaches

For a beach wedding, there are many famous places. Golden Beach is loved for its big size and golden sands.

Paradise Beach is pretty, nestled in the green. Marble Beach has unique white pebbles and clear water for special photos.

Secluded Spots

Thassos also has quiet beaches for a private wedding. Metalia Beach is a secret spot with charm.

Notos Beach is peaceful, perfect for celebrating without crowds.

Luxury Resorts

Thassos has luxury resorts for weddings too. Places like Alexandra Beach Thassos Spa Resort and Makryammos Bungalows offer great views. They have all you need for a beautiful wedding.

Location Features
Golden Beach Expansive shoreline, shimmering sands
Paradise Beach Scenic enclave, lush greenery
Marble Beach White pebbles, crystalline waters
Metalia Beach Secluded charm
Notos Beach Tranquil escape
Alexandra Beach Thassos Spa Resort Luxury services, stunning views
Makryammos Bungalows Professional staff, comprehensive services

What to Expect from Thassos Beach Wedding Packages

Thinking about a Thassos beach wedding? There are many packages to pick from. They fit different likes and budgets. You can get decorations, flowers, photos, and food in these plans. You can also get something special if you want.

Also, thassos beach wedding packages offer help to make your day smooth. This way, you don’t have to worry about the little details.

Beach Wedding Decorations in Thassos

Making a beach wedding beautiful in Thassos is about mixing love, class, and charm. The decorations should make the island’s natural beauty stand out. This makes the celebration both pretty and unforgettable.

Romantic Floral Arrangements

Florists on Thassos are great at making romantic flower sets. They use flowers from the island. This adds a special touch to any beach wedding. It could be a small bunch or a big arch. Flowers really change the whole feel.

Elegant Lighting

Light makes a big difference at a beach wedding in Thassos. Imagine fairy lights shining like stars or lanterns giving off a soft light. The right lights can make the beach look magical, especially at night.

Stylish Seating Plans

It’s important to choose comfy, stylish seats for a Thassos beach wedding. You can pick from white chairs, ottomans, or poufs. Good seating lets guests see well and stay relaxed the whole time.

Hiring a Thassos Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding far away can be hard. A thassos wedding planner helps a lot. They have done over 50 weddings on the island since 2015. They know all the best places and people to make your wedding perfect.

A thassos wedding planner makes things easy. They deal with locals to get what you want. You can choose many types of weddings. For example, a Civil Wedding costs from 800€. A Religious Ceremony in a Church is 700€. Even if you prefer a beach ceremony, like a Symbolic Ceremony for 300€, they ensure it goes well.

They also help with decorations. You can select a package from 700€ to 1500€. The food can be just snacks for 30€ per person. Or you can have a big meal for 60€. There are also fancy meals with drinks for 130€. With a good planner, you can relax and enjoy your wedding in beautiful Thassos.

Here’s what you can get for your wedding:

Wedding Package Starting Price (€)
Civil Wedding 800
Religious Ceremony in a Church 700
Religious Ceremony on the Beach (Romanian Orthodox) 1200
Symbolic Ceremony on the Beach 300
Decoration Package Starting Price (€)
Elegant 1500
Simple 1000
Minimum 700
Meal Option Starting Price (€) per person
Premium Meal with Drinks 130
Full Meal 60
Cold Dishes & Aperitifs 30

Hiring a local thassos wedding planner means your wedding will be perfect. They take care of everything. This lets you enjoy your special day in a wonderful place.


Planning a wedding on Marble Beach in Thassos is special. It means you’ll be in the midst of the enchanting Greek islands. You’ll enjoy serene beauty, clear blue waters, and feel close to nature. As the most northern Greek island, getting here is easy. Ferries take between 40 to 75 minutes to the mainland.

Thassos has stunning places to get married. From famous beaches like Golden Beach to the beautiful Marble Beach near Makryammos, there’s much to see. These locations mix natural beauty with modern features. They are perfect for starting your new life together.

Thassos wedding packages make planning stress-free. They take care of everything, including the beach decorations. A Thassos wedding planner can also help. They know the area well and can make your wedding perfect.

Thassos isn’t just great for weddings. It’s easy to get around, and the tourist tax is low. You can move by bus, rent a car, or ride a motorcycle. Limenaria is also a good option for family stays. It has calm beaches great for kids.

So, choosing Thassos for your wedding is choosing something special. With a local wedding planner’s help, you’ll have a beautiful and memorable day. They ensure there’s love all around in this beautiful Aegean paradise.


What makes Marble Beach in Thassos a great wedding location?

Marble Beach in Thassos is perfect for weddings. It has stunning white pebbles and clear waters. The island’s green nature and kind people make it a beautiful place to say “I do”.

How exclusive is a marble beach wedding in Thassos?

Picking a luxury wedding at Marble Beach offers privacy. This makes your special day more intimate. You can celebrate with close ones away from big crowds.

What are some of the best wedding locations in Thassos?

Thassos has many beautiful spots for weddings. Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, and Marble Beach are popular. If you want a quieter place, Metalia Beach and Notos Beach are great too. Plus, the island’s luxury resorts give you top services and views.

What can we expect from Thassos beach wedding packages?

Beach wedding packages in Thassos fit many needs and budgets. They include important things like setup, flowers, photos, and food. You can also add special choices to make it yours.

What types of decorations are used for beach weddings in Thassos?

In Thassos, beach wedding decorations are lovely and natural. They often use flowers and gentle lighting for a dreamy vibe. Also, you can choose from different seating styles to fit your taste and make guests comfortable.

Why should we hire a Thassos wedding planner?

A Thassos wedding planner is great for those getting married far from home. They know the best of the island and can work with local suppliers. This makes planning easier and lets you focus on enjoying your big day.

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