Rich History of Kallirachi

Discovering the Charm and Rich History of Kallirachi, Thassos Island’s ‘Good Ridge’ Village

Kallirachi, which means ‘Good Ridge’, is a picturesque village in the western part of Thassos Island, surrounded by a multitude of pine trees and olive groves. The village has retained the traditional customs and practices of Thassian island life, making it a perfect destination for a comfortable and soothing vacation.

Next to the beautiful coast, lies Skala Kallirachi, the village’s sister village. It boasts a long, pristine coastline and is home to several family-run businesses that cater to all types of food, beverages, shops, and snacks for the diverse tourists who visit the village, whether for a day or a long vacation. One can witness the stunning sunsets that paint the skies in various shades of orange, crimson, and gold.

The mountainous settlement of Kallirachi was relocated from its original position after a pirate raid that decimated the local populace. The original location of the settlement was renamed ‘Kakirachi,’ meaning ‘Bad Ridge,’ in memory of this tragic event.

Kallirachi is a village that boasts a rich and illustrious history. The village is mentioned in historical records dating back to 902 A.D., when pirates from Tripoli utilized the surrounding forests to construct a fleet of ships, which they then used to launch an invasion on Thessaloniki. In 1457, Kallirachi was occupied by the Ottoman Turks, who destroyed the village and burned its church to the ground.

Despite enduring such significant hardships throughout their history, the locals are renowned for their warmth and welcoming nature, as well as their spirit of solidarity, which is rare to find in most places today.

The inhabitants of Kallirachi primarily work in agriculture, fishing, and tourism. They have a long-standing tradition of seamanship and have produced highly skilled sailors. During the summer, the men of the village leave to work on fishing boats off the coasts of Thassos and Kavala, leaving the village almost deserted.

Visitors can explore the cobbled streets of Kallirachi on foot, as most of the streets are impassable for cars. The village is home to nine churches and shrines dedicated to various saints, with St. Demetrios being the patron saint. On October 26th, the entire village celebrates his name day and pays tribute to all those who share his name.

A must-visit attraction in the village is the folklore and maritime museum, housed in a restored building from 1800, located in the village center.

To experience these unique and extraordinary features in such a dreamy landscape, ensure you include a visit to this mountain village on your Thassos Island holiday itinerary!

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